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Joy Langley

( Stress & Anxiety Coach & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist )


...I struggled with emotional FLIP-FLOPS during my mid-twenties. To be honest,  I didn't know what to do with my negative emotions.

Why didn't anyone teach me about my emotional & biological software? Three jobs later, no boyfriend, and another bout of depression, I almost gave up on life.

...you never know what life will throw at you - I interviewed a young pop diva called ...Beyonce!

Never dismiss the power of personal & professional development. Self-help books and seminars turned my mental attitude around and  helped me get a job in the music industry interviewing music artists.  

My passion for psychology, and understanding my own (& other people's) 'emotional drops' and 'flip-flops' led me to retrain as a therapist, where I discovered I really enjoyed coaching male clients. 

So the big question is:  

...are male clients THAT different to women?

(Yes & No). 


I've noticed:

(1) Men have a unique set of rules & codes of behaviour - society has a big say in what men should 'be' or 'do'. These rules deny men access to a basic human right ...the freedom of emotional expression. The rules are rigid, unrealistic and set unachievable standards.  The standards persist nonetheless ...and men struggle to maintain OR defend them.

The whole process of fitting into the 'man box' creates a complex set of emotional dilemmas.

2)  Men have a DIRECT communication style  - this is both a strength and an anti-strength.  The abrupt, matter-of-fact way men interact with one another ...doesn't always go down well, especially with women! 

The skill is learning when to be 'direct' and when to 'tone things down' so you have the choice in maintaining decent work & personal relationships.

Men’s communication style is more DIRECT


Off-the-wall facts about Joy:

I joined a basic woodwork course but couldn't saw in a straight line - I forget my partners birthday every year - 15+ years later I still forget whether my partner likes sugar with his coffee (seriously!)

- I did secretarial work for several years but felt like a glorified dogsbody - I have a massive collection of books - therapy, business, cookery (my partners, not mine!) + a secret stash on spirituality & inspiration.

- I love jewellery! (beaded jewellery rocks!!) ....and as for housework & dusting - they're at the bottom of my 'to-do-list!'




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