Do you know your weak spot?
...the faulty thinking destroying Courage, Confidence & Action-Man-Ability?


Grab the '6 Strengths & Anti-strengths' checklist!

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Hi there, I'm Joy Langley,
"My passion for psychology, and understanding my own 'emotional drops' and 'flip-flops' led me to retrain as a therapist, where I discovered I really enjoyed coaching male clients."


...Emotional Flip-flops! (E.F.F's) 

  • They trip you up in critical meetings with clients, the boss or colleagues (It's embarrassing losing courage & confidence, being nervous & flustered - and wondering why you can't think straight).

  • They frustrate & make you short-tempered, grizzly or depressed ...with an endless cycle of gloomy thoughts -  (will I ever get a great job? Will my partner leave me? Why is everyone else having a great life - except me?).

  • They make you anxious at networking & social events - (everyone else is better than me - I'm boring -  they're all ignoring me. So you avoid events or make a quick exit).

  • They create a range of embarrassing physical symptoms - (brain fog, digestive problems, headaches, excessive sweating, racing heart + more).

...do you want fewer

  • 'Random' awkward moments:  Improved concentration & memory. Stay cool, calm & collected under pressure without destroying important relationships.
  • Embarrassing physical symptoms:  No more googling websites and forums that simply fuel stress and anxiety!  Relax. The symptoms are a signal - it's trying to grab your attention.
  • 'Dark moods' & feeling like a complete loser: Confidence returns when you know how to pull yourself out of the deep manholes.  Be confident you can fix relationships, finances and yourself.

Learn the secrets & strategies that fight faulty thinking HABITS. 

Worry, procrastination, stress & anxiety STEAL your
Courage, Confidence and 'Action-Man-Ability'. 



Do you know your weak-spots? - GRAB the checklist...



Emotional 'Flip-Flops' (E.F.F.'s)

  •  Unexpected emotional melt-downs that catch you off guard, trip you up and ...they can be explosive!

  • An overwhelming urge to escape OR avoid a situation (or person) ...and head for safety. An emotional 're-set' takes place, you calm down and normal life is restored. 

  • Simple unisex footwear, ideal beachwear! Creates a sense of freedom, playfulness & relaxation.


how can you gain more? ...



Stuck in repetitive, frustrating tasks OR relationships? Fortunately, Superman's day job was just a front for bigger things.

Set 'awe inspiring' goals (...no charge for dreaming big!). Fire-up your inner super hero.  Flip-flops are inevitable!

PS: Fear & Courage are twins, you can't have one without the other.



Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence are essential building blocks for an action man  - who gets things done.

Confidence grows when you DO things well (competence). You don't always have to fake it to make it.

PS: beware of becoming an arrogant, aggressive, super villain!



Anxiety, Worry, Doubt and Fear lead to poor decision making. Your logical mind 'shuts down'.

But you can be an 'ACTION MAN' ...even when the going gets tough.

PS: act quickly without being a drama queen ... stop, check & re-assess situations


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...Reframing negative self-talk habits & faulty thinking are essential life skills.


  • ARE YOU an 'inflexible' all OR nothing thinker?
  • ARE YOU a magical mind-reader with a crystal-ball?
  • ARE YOU a walking doom & gloom machine (that people avoid)?
  • ARE YOU a paralysing perfectionist, where nothing is ever good enough (so nothing ever gets done!)?

.... PLUS more


Stay out of the '7 man-traps' - GRAB the checklist...


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"Joy has a great way of making you feel good, and laugh about the difficult stuff.  She has a soft side, but also kicks you into touch too!  I enjoy all the ideas, and techniques she uses. 
Chris Banzet (The Iceberg Coach ..USA)

When I got in contact with Joy I was experiencing a lot of frustration through seeking new employment. And feeling guilty for not earning enough to keep up with bills, and providing for myself and partner. I found working with Joy a breath of fresh air! Helpful, and with a practical way of looking at and dealing with emotional issues. I now understand the signs to look out for.
Garry Derby (IT specialist ..UK )

Thanks to the tools you gave me I was able to feel completely calm and anxiety free on my wedding day (feel free to use that as a testimony!). It was a fantastic day and honestly I hadn't felt that relaxed in a long time. Thank you once again for helping me get through some massive transitions in my life, you made a big difference and I won't forget that.
James Harris (IT specialist ..UK )

Despite our tough exterior, men are fragile and vulnerable (we are in denial of this fact). Joy’s therapeutic skills help you (1) recognise that fragility & vulnerability and (2) guide you towards understanding the root cause and origins. Emotional Skills Training 4-Men helps you to take action, remain in control of your emotions & behaviour, and enjoy healthy relationships.
Major Avtar Singh (Leadership Coach and NLP Trainer ..India)